SHIELD tracker enables you to track and monitor your vehicle


SHIELD Tracker enables you to track and monitor your vehicle at any time of the day. Whether you are a personal car owner wanting greater peace of mind by installing an integrated tracking and alarm system on your car, or a business owner looking for a fleet management system to gain better insight into the use of your company vehicles, SHIELD Tracker provides you everything you need.

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The SHIELD Tracker provides an all-in-one solution for vehicle tracking and security. The device offers real-time tracking data which can be accessed via SMS or any web browser (mobile or desktop). For greater security, the SHIELD Tracker also provides Voice monitoring, Remote Immobilization and SMS alarms for the following:

SOS/Panic Button
Vibration Alert
Device Tamper Alert
Low Battery Alert
Speeding Alert

Benefits of SHIELD tracker

Personal Vehicle

SHIELD Tracker attempts to provide vehicle user with the right solution to reduce crime, as well as to protect the vehicle. Even with the advanced technology equipped in the device, we made it easy and simple for anyone to use the product.

Vehicle Theft Recovery
Vehicle Security
Drivers and Passengers Safety
Family Safety
Integrated GPS Positioning and Security System

Fleet Management

The ability to track and manage your fleet will give you advantage over your competitor, at the same time assist in providing outstanding customer service, at a reduced cost method.

Real Time Monitor
Reduce Fuel Cost
Increase Employee Productivity
Driving Behavior Monitoring
Customer Satisfaction

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