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If you try to activate your Office or Windows by phone, and you get an error that your product cannot be cativated by phone and have no phone.

Yes No. Voted Undo. Score 4. Hi Robert How did you install software on your jailbroken iphone when wireless was not working? I have the same issue and dont know how to install mywii to test thanks. Ever fixed something? Share your repair story with ImAGenius. We Are All Geniuses. Most Helpful Newest Oldest. Chosen Solution. Ok, let's try to sort it out a little bit. The first link didn't work - the second one isn't the Wi-Fi antenna The Wi-Fi antenna looks like that: Was this answer helpful?

Score 2. I made another test: Can you post the link of the site you have found? Can you please give me the direct link to the article. Score 0. Alejandro Ortiz Rep: Dustin Rep: Keith Myers Rep: User profile for user: Kerrstr Kerrstr. Hi Everyone, First, let me say that, up until this past weekend, I've only been somewhat happy with my new iPhone.

What can I say? I'm an Apple guy, and just had to have an iPhone. Anyway, this past Friday, I finally decided to call Apple to complain about my non-existent 3G signal. I purchased this phone in August, and have purposely kept it in Edge mode since then. For the few times that I've manually placed my phone in 3G mode, the signal was extremely weak or non-existent No Service.

How I recovered my iPhone's lost GSM signal!

My call with the Apple Care Representative went very well, and the "fix", well, not at all obvious. I guess it's important to note that, this "hint" is only as good as the 3G signal that surrounds you. It's not going to create a signal where one isn't available. I happen to be fortunate enough to live in a 3G-saturated area. Here we go Manually place your iPhone into 3G mode if it's not already there.

Give it a few seconds. Leave your iPhone in this mode for a good seconds, then switch it back. Give it a few seconds, then, take a look at your 3G signal strength. Hopefully, you'll see a much stronger signal. As I stated earlier, this is far from an obvious fix, and as such, felt it important to share. I hope that it helps others as well. As for me and my iPhone All replies Drop Down menu.

I removed the inductor and but a dot of liquid from a Gaig curciut writer pen, voila, it worked perfect. Thanks for all the info, I have the same issue after replacing the battery expanding battery issue on a 3GS.

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The two tiny inductors look fine, but the board might well have got stressed at that point. STill trying to fix it. I could possibly do a recvery although last time I tried it said it couldn't Any ideas how to get past here other than fixing the antenna which wont make emergrncy calls either Maybe jailbreaking it would at least let me in.

My Trials have yielded the following results: I have done the option where inductor was missing and no major structural damages to the motherboard. I have tried wires in the soldering job across the pad and from the antenna contact pad to one of the mssing component. The wire jobs never seemed to be secure. So after some assistance I hunkered down and did a fine solder-only job across the pads. I thought this was the end of it but still no service. I decided to check continuity.

Lo and behold the signal was grounded. De-soldered and re-soldered and checked continuity. Everything was going where it was supposed to I even answered my question about the grounding tooth in that I does make contact with that silver ring when under casing. Put it all back together and At first I saw the carrier's ID But there after no service.

Wifi antenna Repair - iPhone 3G & 3GS How to Tutorial

I was doing a series of field tests as always to see if te signal had improved any. Same game where the strengths were better near towers. I had appeared as nothing had changed but strangely enough I started to notice increases in the numbers until one day yesterday exactly I recorded 4 bars within what was up till now a dead zone.

I was thinking it was the provider so I sent them a message about the inconsistency. But I tried one last thing: I noticed that when I held the phone loosely I got a better signal so I decided to replace a protective hard plastic cover I use to house the phone and there I instantly had better numbers. My conclusion my signal needed training. I hope m essays has helped someone reap some success with this repair. My iPhone 3gs in 2g network its vry noisy when i call some one.. Its very troubling..

Please help me.. I am still having no signal. I think I have to be patient as you said. I am seeing 2 types of fixes. One where we go across the inductor pads and one where we go from antenna pad to track AND from ground pin to board pin. Are these two methods exclusive from the other? I think my connection over the pads needs more direction.

I am glad I saw the part about not grounding the signal, but I need to know if I contact the two pads if it should work. Currently, I have a small piece of wire soldered across however my solder is thick. I do not think that is a problem because solder is conductive, right?

Also I only get a signal when really close to a tower and in selected hotspots. My final query is about the grounding pin. Should it be under the metal ring or should it be resting just on the outside of the ring? I still hope the author is taking questions and answering them. If not I will update when I have tried all the possibilities of this blog. I bought the phone with no signal after reading that it just needed jailbreaking, but no joy it is now un jailbroken and running ios 6 will this fix my no service issue?

You guys are geniuses. I am very grateful, I was about to leave the plate in two until I came to this site, now was working perfect. Thank you.

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The antenna contact pad with left or right side of the coax connector? Is there a correct image of the solution? Is that right http: Hi, i had a problem in my iphone 3g 'no service' and i search solution for long time and i get it from your blog and i try it then my iphone get five bars signals. Thank you for your blog. I decided to help a friend out and replace the battery in his phone for him, after I got it all back together all of a sudden there was no signal. After about an hour of searching on the internet for a solution I stumbled across your page.

The components on mine are located on the top of the board so your photos threw me off a little because it didn't look exactly the same as mine, but the problem was the same. One of the inductors decided to go AWOL, leaving in its absence just two very little pads. I had to go to a friends house that has a nice lighted magnifying stand, and soldering iron with small tips.

Even with the smallest tip he had it just took a dab of solder and I just bridged the gap. In my situation the signal strength seemed just a hair weaker than my 4. When my phone went from 2 to 3 bars it still had 2, or 3 to 4 it had 3. Overall though my friend should be very happy now, slightly degraded signal is better than no signal at all. Thank you very much keep this alive as long as you can.

God bless you Jason. I kind of suck in terms of these tec things. So i wonder if I have the same problem with my iphone.. I broke the display on my iphone, and 'fixed' it myself.. I can not call or text people.. But for some reason i can use the internet fuctions on my iphone and the funny thing is that they work much better than before i 'fixed' the display.. Do you have any idea of what I have done? Becouse I shure don't -. Is there any fix if the mother board has a crack where the screw goes on the bottom close to the antenna?

Hi, I have a Iphone 3G. Do you have any idea what the problem could be? Thanks in advance. Steve- you are the man! My jailbroke Iphone 3g was constantly loosing signal and dropping calls- I was so frustrated. You have really helped a ton of people and I will gladly donate to your webpage for your help- I hope everone give something if they got help from reading your blog. Hier auf deutsch, erfolgreich eine andere Methode getestet! Inductor missed. Seeing my guide, it will help you to solve all signal problems on iPhone 3GS http: Grazie mille Matteo! I added a link to your guide on top of the page.

Hello my iphone3G have the inductor but have a poor signal quality. Should I be welding same as described in the last picture and keep it the inductor, or is it better take it out and solder as in the last picture. Thank for the help. I wouldn't take the inductor off if it is still in place. Try pushing it gently with a small screwdriver to see if it is still well soldered.

Have a good look at the board, maybe there is a crack somewhere. Hey Excellent publish, I wish to thank you for this informative read, Keep up your work thank youuuu. Hi thanks for the advice soldered the connectors together works great. Also Thanks , you deserve a donation for taking the time to help others as this is the only reference to this on the net.

Thank you! Is all i gotta say. This was such a good website. Very clear instructions. This has fixed my problem which I've had since January. I have full signal now and only minimal experience with a solder iron. I also have problems with my reception on my 3G IOS 4. The poor reception developed over time, now I have no more.

Good Work. Unfortunately on the 3gs they seem to have redesigned things around that part of the board slightly. I wonder if scratching off the do not remove label causes the problems. Not only you saved my phone, but made it work better. Thank you for taking the time to put this up.

I was ready to quit on my bf's 3g and huck the sucker out the window after all my efforts, but then as a last ditch I pulled apart one more time to look at that corner and sure enough the inductor is vanished I am certain we could not have solved the issue without this information. At least now even if it doesn't work in some other way, I know what caused the initial no service issue. I hate to leave a puzzle unsolved. And Thanks so much! Isn't it funny how you find these pages only after you find it out for yourself I was slightly lazier than yourself and just put a blob of solder where the inductor should have been Still the same result.

Full signal again!!! Thank You very very much! With your advice again, I fit the iPhone 3G and I saved money! Unfortunately, I do not have an account on PayPal. If there is another way to express my gratitude for your guidance, please contact me by e-mail. Thank you again. Best regards from Poland. Hi, i have a 3gs board and the part of the baord with the gold 'wing' on it has broken off just below the do not remove sticker, is there any way if fixing this?

On mine the connector where the 7 connection was broken and bent up. I bent it back and reconnected it and now it works great! Just finished the repair, thanks for the instructions. Here is what I found on my phone. I got it all back together and the switch worked great. Next day I have no bars and then I have one. Next no service. Took a look at the 'inductor' and it was broken away from one post. I took it out placed a fine strand of wire over both posts and set my solder iron on the wire, if took to the existing solder and WALA!

Hello, I have a motherboard iPhone 3G, I have two drivers but they are absent, your photos you have only one inductor How can I solder the wire I have to connect each inductor? Hi, i found your page trough a forum. I had the same problems and couldn't find any solution, even changing the antenna unit did not help.

I had replaced my digitizer unit before, so maybe there i destroyed that inducter. After reading this site, i re-opend my 3G again, took out my microscope and voila, there it was or better there it wasn't. I soldered the two pins together and now I am getting 5 bars inside my house I have no other troubles with speakers etc So thank you so much!

Saved my old Iphone 3g. Hi I have an iPhone 3GS that keeps searching for signal then says no service! Ive changed the back cover An replaced everything but still no joy: Will this work for a 3GS? Please help: It is the same antenna. I checked the continuity. It is ok. What problem this could be? The antenna is indeed the same. It is connected to several chips which separate 3G from GSM signals. Your problem is maybe in one of these chips. If this is the case then I doubt it can be repaired.

Apple Issue Resolution for iPhone WiFi Greyed Out Problem

Hello everyboday. Very helpful page though. I could recover my signal but there are a lot inteferences, particulary on my phoning partners side but as well in my earspeaker. Hi all. I will donate that who help me to solve it, only if it works. S my english is bad, sorry about that, i hope you understand it: Here's a way to get your signal back. Its a hardware and software fault. One way to solve it is to revert back to the original fw. I have done 3 iphone 3g with this method when all other option where at a loss.

Re comment from younas , regarding the fact that when he put his screws back in he lost his signal. I then pushed the pin in the dock in slightly, you need to do this very gradually as to far it will not make contact ad you will lose your signal, to gauge this correctly you need to make sure when you put your logic board back and screw it down it does not bend there should be no pressure on it apart for that of the battery springs, and no bend what so ever, I hope that this post is of use.

This is one of the most informative sites I have ever come across thank you nigel. I have a 3g model and it hardly ever gets signal. Upon investigating I found out that the inductor is in place and there is no crack on the motherboard. What could be the problem then? Please help Hi, I welded that missing inductor on iPhone, and nothing's change Thank you so much for this information, i've been refurbishing an 8gb 3g and replaced everything except logic board and lcd and no matter what i received 1 bar max signal. Now the phone has better signal than a standard 3g!

If anybody is still having issues after this then try desoldering the spring clip antenna from the logic board and replace with a thin strip of copper, i used a 0. I have iPhone 3GS, and after opening and replacing housing, the signal lost! I noticed that the signal come in the near of antenna Transmitter , so obviusly there is a problem with something what is receiving signal. Can you help me please, I am so worried about my new look like iPhone Very nice, worked like a champ.

Was stuggling to figure out why it constantly came up as Waiting for Activation, found inductor missing thanks to you. Ended up putting in a wire from pad to trace.

That didn't work, so what next?

Actually have one bar higher than fully functional iPhone sitting next to the repaired one. I did what you said and now it gets little service and sometimes No service, but both better than never having any signal. I made sure that little golden part touches the external metal bezel, is that right? Should I undo that? What may cause the signal not to improve?

Thanks a lot! This worked for me! Kind regards from Belgium. I was able to get a clients 3G with the exact same problem, the missing inductor, to work, just by getting a very small piece of bare metal wire, and soldering it to the larger square gold pad on the back, and the correct solder point basically like the authors last picture indicated. It went from having 1 bar to full 5 bars, indoors, outdoors, as far as I can tell, working just as it should.

I suspect the wire and minor solder blobs are serving as the perfect replacement. I had taken my multi-meter and toned out the connection points, just to be sure. I am very happy to have found this article, and with my success as a result.

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  • Help I was well impressed with myself when I managed to replace the dwindling battery on my iphone 3gs, only to find there was no service once it all went back together. I need to know if there is anywhere in UK that I can send the flaming thing to and get it fixed. Hi, where do u live? If in UK, i was wondering if I could send my Iphone 3g to you to be fixed. You are amazing and I think I have the same problem you had, cos I do not have any antenna bars on my phone. Probably cos somebody sit on it I lost it in a private room of a club ahahahahah.

    My iPhone Won't Turn On

    Short answer: Long answer: I got 3GS same issue striped it down and did continuity test from antenna to bezel all fine, what I would like to know on the pcb connector both the centre pin and outside both have continuity to brass contact at edge of pcb. Should this be like that, if not then perhaps the connector could be problem foe us 3GS owners. The centre pin radio signal should not have continuity with the ground. Only the connector outside should. Check your board with a magnifying glass or a microscope, maybe there is a short circuit somewhere. Would love it if someone could come up with a similar fix for a 3gs.

    I have reset everything, even replaced the antenna and charging port. I'm sure it's a similar problem. Would love to see a fix for this for Iphone 3GS!!!! This is the only post I've come across that actually solved the problem for some people. Nice work. OMG just had a look at my friends old 3G after he had taken it to a 'professional' for this issue The contact for the dock wasn't reaching, from the moment I opened it, the logic board just didn't seem to be in right Phone's fine now obvs.

    Unfortunately, my bottom right corner of the board is broken and i don't have the broken piece which i can join it again. What should i do? Hi everybody, i have an iphone 3g and i had the same problem, i send my phone to everywhere did everything and nothing work, they said to me that it cant be repaired, until i read this, and walla problem solved thanks to all for the information, i was usin my iphone 3g as an ipod and now i have and iphone 3g again, i am from venezuela problem solved with five bars signal Why wouldnt you people just buy another iphone.

    All this work, soldering wires with microscopes, waste of time. I soldered the 2 metal parts where the broken inductor was and I damaged the number 7 connector on my phone. I want to fix it by soldering it back together. My question is it just the middle pin that needs to be connected or is it the outside now missing ring as well? Thank you for your help. The inner "dot" is the radio signal, the outside "ring" is the ground, which is at least as important as the signal. I don't want to be pessimistic but I would say you have almost no chance to repair this by yourself, unless you are equipped with professional SMD soldering equipment.

    The comment about the coax connector not serving any purpose was related to the 3G motherboard this hack was performed on a 3G. Unfortunately I don't know how the dock fits on the 3GS motherboard. Hi if both red and green is gone would I get no reception at all cause that is missing.. I was struggling with this problem with my 3GS for almost 4 weeks. The solution for me was not in this article or anywhere else I could find, though this article certainly did get me thinking in the right direction.

    There is a small sticker next to the battery contacts on the board. I removed this sticker which exposed a small divot. I soldered a wire at this divot to the pad that holds the copper piece that makes contact to the casing and now have service again! I'll try it soon and I let you know! Nice to read your post! Mine just started doing this after I had replaced my screen and charge port The inductor I bourght is from Fanell part no 3,6nH, it works perfect.

    Hi Can anyone tell me the nH value of the inductor? BR LH. Hi, not sure, the series ranges from 1 to 68 nH and I did not have the right tools to measure it. However, someone posted about successfully using a 47 nH coil. Thank you so much for sharing this with us now thanks to you I have my 3g back with full GSM signal. In my case that semiconductor was missing I soldered it and it works. Thanks again CJ. I just read your article, and maybe I know where the inductor is used for.

    A little background information- Several years ago I was working at a company with WiFi radios and we discovered that after a rainshower we're talking northern Europe here sometimes the radio cards would permanently lose 10dBmW on their signal levels. We found out that the charge building up in the air which, if enough can cause lightning strikes was the cause of the loss.

    The antenna selector could only have 3V on its input, which was easily attained, blowing up the antenna selector. After a lot of searching we found out that some radio cards did not suffer this issue. You may have guessed it, these contained a 13 nH inductor on their antenna outputs. The inductor may not serve any 'useful' purpose at a first glance, but it may be there to prevent static from discharging into your radio circuitry.

    I don't know if the inductor serves the same purpose here, but maybe it helps. Regards, Michel. Hi i have a iphone 3gs with the same problem but i do get the 3g signal some of the time i know you said this is a different problem to yours and also i know you said you wouldent know if this would work on a 3gs but i still tried it and when i was opening the phone i noticed someone had already tried doing what you have done but i dont know if it is done correctly here is a photo i took http: HI all, Especially the guy who wrote n tried it in the first place cant evn find the name of the guy i shud thank Anyway, whn my iPhone 3g turned into iPod TOuch, i finally bumped into this post.

    I read it thoroughly n realized tht i hv the exact same prob, so i went along with the directions n fixed mine, Great write up and explanation. I had the exact same issue and helped fix it. Just bridged the gap between the inductor and corrected the trace. And my phone is back on network: Hey, thanks for this site: As you discribed, I have briged the way where in former days the inductor was placed.

    It worked, but it lost the signal all the time. In a secound step I have cleaned up everthing a made a bridge from the antenna conection pad the golden pad? But it was the same. Now I have cleand up everthing again. Could you please help me? Hi I have a 3GS with this problem I have bridged the two pad together but am still getting no signal the phone does however detect carriers but intermittently any ideas regarding the wore Dow ina3gs? And could it be that too much solder would cause this really appreciate any ideas.

    Thanks in advance paul. Can't try this till tomorrow but I know there is a crack just where yours is and I have the same simptoms Dude I think you just saved my iPhone: I replaced the power switch on my Son's iPhone 3g which worked great but immediately got the 'No Service' indication. After reading this article I found the inductor was also missing on the board.

    I used a small soldering iron and made a solder bridge between the two pads and it works now! Prince Rajput, If you post a picture, we'll be able to see the exact problem of the area cracked. Comment from Stefan G. Next time next time? I crack my front glass I know where not to work the logicboard: Hi Guys, I as all of you, experienced the same service outage on my Iphone 3G. To try understand the problem, i googled my problem and found this exact same topic page in french some plagia is going on here This is where my contribution lays: Thanks again for your great topic and pics.

    Hi all, I have same problem with my iPhone 3G, my iPhone have no signal at all, i bought it in this condition from ebay, and of course i did tried to fix it by this guide, after some trying with different methods i have no luck I take the four close photos how the motherboard looks,: I can confirm that this also works for the iPhone 4. Thanks heaps! The fix is great and helped me creating an aesier fix. Ths wil only work if you didnt fuck up the logic boardsolders.. First of all before you start buy rent borrow a small welder from Weller with a really fine tip. Does anyone know if the ground spring in the bottom left has anything to do with charging?

    I was replacing my battery and the spring got bent and broke in half. When re-assembled with out it touching the bezel the phone lights up when plugged in and gives the red battery lightning bolt symbol but never charges. I normally scan the Internet for solutions and eventually solve the problem and never feedback the extras I find. This is such a good thread I thought I would share for once. After studying the official 3G Circuit I think I located the official component values. Its quite hard to troll through but they highlight the POGO PIN which is the connection close to the component that connects to the board.

    I found this by searching every inductor on the board painful. The official part is ma but this one at ma should be close enough. I have not tried it yet but hope to in the next week or so. Thanks for a great thread. Great Site! But I got another problem with my 3g! It fell into a cup of water and turned off. After drying it, it started again, complete function, but I can't charge it. What can I do? Hey, gr8 article, in the same spot.

    You were wise in providing the close up shots, but in same cases, you could have provided a distant shot as in to show the components clearly showing the exact location of the strip and inductor. I am now confused about the original spot of the inductor , can you show that in drawing not so magnified and new replacement coil you placed instead of the inductor.

    I believe I don't have a cracked board hence it should work in the first step itself of connecting the contact pads. Will surely donate , you saved to and fro shipping the USA ,plus the replacement and service charges. I am presuming removal of the inductor and replacement with a wire jumper is the reason. Sean, Chicago, USA. Hi, I'm pleased to announce that this fixed my iPhone 4 no service issue. My power button went and only works if you push extremely hard on it. Then I got the idea of putting a tiny piece of rubber under the power button to bridge the gap so I went back in, placed the rubber, nice clicky button again..

    I went in about 6 times making sure the antenna was connected back properly, cleaning all metal to metal parts with isopropyl and I even un-fixed the button thinking maybe it had to be a metal on metal contact and the rubber was breaking the circuit.

    3G/4G & LTE Not Working on iPhone or iPad: Tips to Fix the Issue

    Nothing worked. Then I found this, it didn't seem relevant at first because the logic board is totally different on the 4 so I thought I was at a dead end.. Then I started looking around for an inductor and there it was, slightly diagonal on the board, checked with the magnifying glass on my swiss army and one side of it had come away.. It must have happend while trying to get the logic board back in as it looks very fragile. After messing with it trying to get it to turn around, it came completely away from the board.. Then I remembered this page! So I got out my soldering iron, figuring I had nothing to lose and tried to solder the gap, after several botched attempts with an iron tip that seemed like a planet compared to the tiny inductor, it finally fused.

    The inductor: I'm so grateful for you having taken the time to post this info, I would never have had the confidence to try it myself. Many thanks, Rob. See this is the piece: You can now buy a replacement coil kit to use instead of a piece of wire here for 3Gs. We can now also put you in touch with a specialist micro soldering installer, so you don't have to do it yourself, we have these installers in the UK, Europe and USA. Hi, Thanks for the info, extreamly helpfull. Yes, this should do the trick. Soldering such a small SMD coil is a difficult job though. The "all i need to do" part will be harder than it seems