sony xperia e dual hard reset

If you try to activate your Office or Windows by phone, and you get an error that your product cannot be cativated by phone and have no phone.

I cannot on my phone. I had to remove the battery and again place it and then power on my phone. Please try to format or also erase all data in the memory card or external card. The other option maybe after doing hard reset, the you put the same account usually Android will restore installed applications back to your Sony Xperia E, then some applications which make problem will installed again. Please try to do hard reset and do not put any account after finish format. Try to wait until the phone sleep to know weather the problem still happen or not.

Hey, none of these worked. I tried resetting the xperia e but when I press all the buttons, the power button makes the phone just start normally. Hi, the above steps should work to hard reset your smartphone.

Sony Xperia E dual Hard reset, Factory Reset and Password Recovery

If you still can access the setting menu normally, then doing hard reset with software menu is more easy to do. Hey, None of the above helped my problem. Hi, you said that you already try to do hard reset or master format, but the problem still happen. First we are suspect the problem comes become applications at your Sony Xperia E. After finish doing hard reset, please try to not install any applications or also do not connect it to internet.

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Because usually if you have backup at Google account, then after finish format and re-input the Google account username and password will make some applications back automatically to our Sony Xperia E. So, try to let it on without connection for one day to see weather the problem still happen or not.

Hi, sorry I reply with English. After that prepare the USB cable data to connecet Sony Xperia E with that computer and follow the process for doing hard reset or master format. Hi, doing root is not recommended to do if you do not have any experience doing that before in other smartphone, because some wrong step will make your Sony Xperia E will bricks and can not use anymore.

Seconds method:

Sony Xperia E have single core processor with MB ram, this is good enough to run standard applications and some light apps from Google Play Store. Hi, first you need to make sure the SIM Card still working properly. For some reasons maybe your Sony Xperia E having problems either from operating system or from the hardware.

To make sure which problem it is, then you can try doing hard reset and see weather the problem still happen or not. And now i need to unlock it with security question or google account that i even dont know what is the answer. Hi, usually your Google account has insert at our Sony Xperia E when the first time we setup new smartphone.

This is the same username and password with our Gmail account that we received everyday at this smartphone. When you can not doing hard reset with hardware button, the recommended alternative to format is using PC Companion. First we need to make sure our computer can communicate or have the Sony Xperia E driver.

At Microsoft Windows 7, first we need to connect our computer with Internet, after that please reconnect Sony Xperia E using USB data cable, then the Microsoft Windows will try to find and install the driver from Internet by itself. If you still can not do it, we recommended to change with other computer and do the same process. Am using Xperia c and my internal memory is full how can I copy my stuff to sd card so it can b freed coz there is no copy option plz help. Hi, you have two options to copy file from your Sony Xperia E Dual to computer or to external card. For copy files from internal memory to computer, just try to connect you computer PC with USB cable and when the option appear in your Xperia LCD, choose to act your phone as external storage, then find your Sony Xperia E Dual internal memory from file explorer if you use Microsoft Windows operating system at your computer.

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The second alternative you to move your internal memory files using file manager from Google Play Store, however the problem now that your phone internal memory already full. First you need give some more free space at your phone by remove some applications cache. Usually social media applications use more size to save the cache. Do this steps several time with different application at Apps list.

Other alternative you can do to have some free space by remove some not use images that you have taken from camera, it can help as well. If your internal memory already have some free space, then you need to download File Manager applications from Google Play Store.

Sony Xperia E dual Hard reset, Factory Reset and Password Recovery

This solutions can help for walk around or fix some Sony Xperia Android smartphone problem which does not have default internal file manager. I have sony xperia e. I forgot my password for the phone and now it is locked. None of above helped me and i also cant find forgotten password sign anywhere Could u plz help me.

Hi, you can try to unlock or bypass Sony Xperia E security protection by using Google account. Usually the Forgot Password button is hiding at the first time you type the password. You should give several time continuously until the phone freeze for about 30 seconds.

At this time of freezing, you will find Forgot Password button to bypass or help to unlock your forgotten password using Google account. Please make sure your Internet connection active while unlock or bypass with Google account. If you still can not access Google account, then you should do hard reset with hardware button. The last alternative is doing hard reset using PC Companion applications that have to be install at you computer PC and download the latest version of PC Companion from Sony official website. Sir I am trying to use my external sd card as default Storage and this is not working.

From where I have to do its settings? Please help me.. Hi, by default the external storage microSD only available for save specific data only, the external card can not act as default storage. Maybe some applications like camera or video recorder have options to choose the default save file location to external card, but most applications can not install main files to external storage. Maybe you can find some other community have options to do that, but you need to root your phone and we are not recommended to do that, because some wrong steps can make your Sony Xperia E become trouble and can not work properly.

Hi, if you have already done the hard reset, but the problem still happen, although you have repaired it, then the problem not come from applications. If you bring your Sony Xperia E to Sony authorize service center, they will inspect more about your problem, in some problems, they also give advice to swap the main-board, but of your there are some price that you should consider to pay, especially if the phone warranty time already end. Hi, Option 4 to hard reset should work with most for Sony Xperia E without any problem, unless your phone has already got problem before you do this steps.

This steps will tell clearly how to do the process step by step. However, if your Sony Xperia E already get problems with boot loop and can not recover by hard reset then you should bring it to Sony service center for further check. Hi, please try to soft reset or remove some not use applications, otherwise you can try to do hard reset using steps above.

If you are sure your simcard does not use any pincode, then maybe the pin code comes from the screen lock phone. Hi, sorry we still do not understand about problem with your Xperia Logo. However, if you think that your Sony Xperia E always boot at logo loop, then you have to try doing hard reset using hardware button combination.

There are also other alternative to do hard reset using PC Companion with your computer, please follow the steps at Option 4 above. Hi, the solution and tips for Sony Xperia E3 can be find at this page.

However, it seems that you have to hard reset your phone using hardware button, please follow the process to hard reset or master format at that link. Hi, by default some Internet browser at Android will save the downloaded files into internal memory, but some other Internet browser have additional setup to choose the default save location for downloaded files. At Sony Xperia E, you can try to use other then Google Chrome if it have stock Internet browser, but if it only have Google Chrome, then you have to download others from Google Play Store to try like Firefox or Opera, then find the setting to move default save location to external memory.

Hi, you can try to unlock forgot security screen lock pin at your Sony Xperia E using Google account. When your phone already on, but locked, try to give several time wrong pin continuously until your Xperia E freezing about 30 seconds, at this time you can find Forgot Password button, press this button then please give your Gmail account username and password that you have signed in before.

Make sure your Internet data connection active while unlock your phone, because your Xperia E try to get authentication from Google server. If you can not access Google account, then please use PC Companion steps to hard reset or reformat your phone again. But all of your data will be remove or wipe after doing reformat using PC Companion. Hi, if you forgot the screen lock answer, then first try to answer with Google account. Please make sure your Internet is active while doing unlock with Google account, because your Sony Xperia E will ask authentication at Google server.

If you can not access your Gmail account, then you have to do hard reset with hardware button combination key. Hi, please try to unlock forgotten security protections using Google account that you have already signed-in before. Try to do several time wrong answer until your Sony Xperia E locked or freezing 30 seconds, then press Forgot Pattern button to find field for type your Gmail username and password. If you still can not unlock your Sony Xperia E, then please do hard reset with PC Companion like steps at option 4 above.

Hi, please use steps at option 4 to hard reset or master format your Sony Xperia E to factory defualt. First you have to download PC Companion operating system before continue all steps at option 4 above. Hi, first you have to make sure that Internet connection is active at your Sony Xperia E to recover forgotten security protections using Gmail account, because your phone will get authentication at Google server. Hi pls help me i forget my password on my sony c and have done hard reset by pressing power button plus up volume key and is not working pls anybody that have the idea should help me.

Name required Mail required Website. Home About Community. Flashtool in the applications from Sony can be download from Sony website. Latest hard-reset. September 14, at 6: October 27, at 3: Monica Gill says: November 17, at 8: November 18, at 6: Ellie says: November 25, at 3: If you can not recover your PIN or Password, then follow this method.

When You Have To Factory Reset Your SONY Xperia E Dual C1605?

You can make your settings to factory defaults. To perform a mobile factory data reset using the Settings menu, follow Below Simple steps:. This is Best method to recover your mobile password. This method is only works on android mobiles only. First you need a basic knowledge about computer and software installation. Follow below steps to reset your phone. Download Android Tools and Drivers. The Repair Mobile feature replaces the software in your mobile device.

All personal data like apps and files etc, stored in your mobile device will be lost. You must need to enter your Google account username and password in order to use the device after reset. You must have previously enabled Android Device Manager on your Xperia device to reset with this method.

Also, Your android mobile device must have an active Internet connection. A full factory data reset is performed when you choose this method. In some cases, the content on the Micro SD card might not get erased or formatted during an Android Device Manager reset. So please remove your Sd card before reset. Make sure you know your Google account means Gmail account username and password.

Depending on your security settings, your Sony Xperia E dualndroid mobile device may lock after Hard Reset. Then you need to enter your Gmail account username and password in order to use the mobile device. If you forgot your google account username and password, You can recover or reset it using the Google Account Recovery page. Follow below official link to recover your credentials. Google account recovery page.

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  • Why need to perform Factory Reset: Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Sony Xperia Reset. July 30, Mak Reset 0 Comments. Table of Contents. Then turn it on until you see logo of Sony Xperia. This option delete all your mobile data. Soft reset done on your mobile. To repair the device software using PC Companion. Download the PC Companion program and install it on a Windows computer.

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