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If you try to activate your Office or Windows by phone, and you get an error that your product cannot be cativated by phone and have no phone.

Every other prepaid service provide seems to be focusing their marketing, and their turnover generation on selling unlimited packages, for high usage, and consumption.

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This approach sort of isolates the budget orientated parent. Tracfone is the only company doing this for me at the moment. I always buy the 60 minute Tracfone card and get a promo code for another 30 minutes. With double minutes it really comes out to be a value. Since I go laid off I have to be extra budget conscious and Tracfone allows me to do that. I am a student on a budget so it is great that Tracfone is so inexpensive. You cant really put a price on the safety of your loved ones.

Buy her a Trac Phone. I am a senior. Last month I made 5 calls that lasted 6 minutes total.. I bought a tracfone for my mother who is in her late seventies. Tracfone has been ideal for her as she is not locked into any contract and the phone is simple and easy to use. Tracfone is good for me. Getting laid off from my job i thought there was going to be no way for me to afford communicating with my family as they live far from me.

Thanks Tracfone! I also switched to Net 10 to save money, my cellphone bill was killing me, and after getting rid of cable I had to switch. Cutting expenses was the only way. Now finally mom agreed to get me phone, so I think I will go for tracfone, all the comments and reviews I see are really good.

Plus tomorrow for Black Friday Walmart will be having a great sale! I know that with tracfone I can budget effectively. With Tracfone depending what my budget is for the month I can plan my cellphone costs and not have to worry about any contract fees. Tracfone has definitely been a moneysaver for me. I have however come to appreciate why there could be a need for them after loosing my car in a car park and missing a tea date with friends. This Senior Value plan has such a user friendly phone, which has dispelled my fear of cell phones. Not only is the menu easy to follow, but the text is actually of readable size!

Friends speak to me about confusing bills and extras they are being charged for, and it is quite a relief not having to worry about those things. And best of all, my daughter is no longer fretting about me or nagging me to get a phone! I am one of those daughters who frets about her folks. My mom does have a cellphone but it is far too complicated and tiny for her to use. After reading E. I can see why people might be hesitant about prepaid phones. As far as prepaid goes, I think TracFone is a great choice — not to mention a great moneysaver.

For me its great because tracfone has a great family plan.. Kids are always on the phone, either texting or talking. It is low cost to get and low cost to maintain, all with no contract obligations and great nationwide coverage!! Tracfone is currently the only real provider of wireless that sells small plans. THe phones are great and I got mine at 15 dollars and I pay at most 30 dollars a month.

Have you heard good things as well? Love it! Great value for the money. Not so long ago, one of her grand-kids decided her phone would make a wonderful bath toy! This was my moment to get in there and get her something cheaper and less of a challenge. Nice that Tracfone has an option to keep the senior citizens happy too!

Great review and amazing comments. One of the best things about tracfone is the bundles and the promotions they always have for the air cards on their website. I think being a Tracfone customer not only gives you teh freedom of no contract but also saves you lots of money everymonth because you only pay for what you use. Love tracfone! The fact that I pay around 30 bucks a month for the same amount of minutes as Verizon is really great! You know I met someone in the laundry room who was commenting on my blackberry. And was like do you like this? AND he was like oh a tracfone.

After explanation and him ranting and raving I decided to come online and search it out. And i mean this phone just seems perfect for me. Are there any smart phone type phones for tracfone?? The pricing is still amazing. It still has no contract or hassles. You should def check that service out too! This is a very complete review, with the highlights and all the important points to have into consideration when buying a prepaid phone, great points!

I love the fact that one company can offer net10, straighttalk, and Tracfone. I am very interested in the samsung g since I need the keyboard to text. Using your guide, it tells me that this phone uses ATT. Thank you very much in advance. By the way, Im on cricket right now. I went around my area. Good coverage outside but the signal bars drop drastically when I enter a building. Another question to ask. Is it ok to buy a reconditioned samsung g or should I go with the brand new one? What's your opinion? The Tracfone's refurbs are usually good as new.

I'd buy the reconditioned one. Thank you very much!!!! Just used the zipcode and the same samsung phone came up. Should I continue to order with this zip and change the mailing zip at the end or do I go back to my original zip and buy it off that webpage. I just noticed something. If you click on the reconditioned phone, under the single rate it says: Call nationally, internationally or roam at local call rates Enjoy 90 days of uninterrupted wireless service 60 anytime anywhere minutes But on the brand new one, it only says: Call nationally, internationally or roam at local call rates.

I'm afraid that the reconditioned only limits you to 90 day increments. By the way, really thanks for helping out. I mean it. Continue with the order you started with zip and change to the correct zip code on the shipping address page only. Any Tracfone top up card including the one year ones can be used with any Tracfone.

Yeswap, thank you very very much. I appreciate your wonderful article and your quick responses. I"ll be sure to send people here when they ask about tracfone. In looking at the two phones side by side, the RC has bars, and the LGC usually has bars in my home. I prefer the LGC because I had a smartphone in the past and loved the touch screen, but am a little concerned about purchasing it because it seems to have less bars.

Is it because of the touch screen? Would it have the same reception or less since it's showing less bars. My Samsung Gravity, which I'm switching from, always only had a max total of four bars. Would appreciate any help you can give.

Different phones display a different number of bars for the same level of reception. You can't compare reception between two different makes and models of phones based on the number of bars. I haven't heard any complaints about the reception of either phone. Thanks for your quick input. The other reason I liked the LG better is because the alphabet and numbers on the pull out keyboard seem to be placed similar to a regular keyboard as opposed to those on the Rthe numbers are placed in a different spot on the keyboard which slows me down. Unlocking Tracfone's to use on a different service is generally considered to be almost impossible and not worth the trouble.

I've got a new Google Nexus with the Net10 activation kit. The phone activated with no problem. The data plan is set up but it's really slow. It takes about 2 or 3 minutes to load a page. Do you know of some settings that I may have missed that would cause this? Sometimes there is an E or H in the top left of the screen but the data speed doesn't change. If that's not the problem try turning airplane mode on for a minute or two and then turning it off and retesting page loading. If it's still slow, something may be miss-configured on the Net10 side. Call Net10 at Many thanks.

This phone is really nice on the Net10 network. Great signal and really fast data. I'm on wi-fi mostly but it's nice to have when you need it. Thanks again. Thank you so much! I have a trac phone loaded with more minutes than I can use. I am considering getting an iPhone 4. Do you know if Incan transfer my minutes to an iPhone? No you can only transfer minutes to another Tracfone and yiu can't put an iPhone on Tracfone. The best thing you can do is to donate the excess funds to charity using SMS. However, it could be roaming, check for a triangle roaming indicator in the top status bar.

Net10 Wireless Review - Pros, Cons and Verdict

To determine what network you are roaming on, try dialing and see whose customer support answers. This may not work in all cases as some roaming partners forward calls to the SIM's home operator. I am leaning toward the Precedent because of the screen size useful for streaming vids on the unlimited data plan. This is an Android phone, so Sprint will the the home network, correct? The Sprint coverage map shows very little coverage for my area and mostly "off network roaming". As stated in the article, prepaids on the Sprint network don't roam.

Does this mean that the Precedent will only have coverage in the dark green coverage areas and not in the lighter green "off network roaming"? If so, traveling even miles would put me out of coverage. Am I correct? The Precedent does use Sprint and there is no roaming so yes you would only have coverage in the Sprint native coverage dark green areas. All other Straight Talk Android phone use Sprint. I would have been very disappointed with sprint service. I'm glad I found this!

That's strange. I wonder if Tracfone made a mistake or if they changed the way the system works. Hi, I get different answers about porting my tracfone number to iPhone 5. Can I do it? You can't put an iPhone on Tracfone if that's what you mean. Can you give me a heads up about coverage on that route? I have a real simple Samsumg Trac phone which honestly I don't care for, but have almost 1, mins.

I would like to get a Net 10 Android phone.

Straight Talk Cheapest Phone Data Plan

I work a lot in an area where Verizon is the only cell service that works. But I also work quite a lot in areas where Verizon service is veryu spotty and poor while TMobile and Sprint are strong. It doesn't matter to me if I have to by New or shop CL. I have a question, Is it possible to block text messaging on my tracfone? Can tracfone do that for me? It's probably technically possible for Tracfone to do it but I've never heard of them blocking texts for a customer.

At least they don't charge for texts if you don't open them unlike every other operator. Hey thanks for putting this up. I wanted to upgrade to a smartphone, and considering that the Samsung Galaxy S II from Straighttalk was the best option on the prepaid market I decided to go with it, I was just worried that it might be a Sprint based phone, which for me at college and back home I get horrible service from. You have a great blog. Thanks for you hard work. I want to purchase a new Iphone 5 when it becomes available unlocked. I live in the area code. What would you recommend for a prepaid carrier that would work for me?

Am I able to purchase a sim only or would I be better off purchasing a pre-paid phone through that carrier and popping that sim into the new Iphone? Also, if I were to purchase a Verizon Iphone 5 without a contract would I be able to get Verizon service somehow on a prepaid? Straight Talk is the most cost-effective choice.

Also, you won't get LTE data though,just 3G. If I could find an auto mechanic as meticulous and honest as you - thank you for your info. I've had tracfone for countless years.

The best Walmart phones 12222: Straight Talk, prepaid and unlocked Walmart phones

Any info on how minute costly it would be to peruse my email hotmail, about 40 per day? Will this be on 2G? Any "average" number of use minutes to expect? Can I look up a Newegg site for example in 10 munutes or less? I assume this is possible with the SG - any info or experiences out there would be appreciated.

There's no email client on this phone so you would be using the browser. The Newegg site is well optimized or mobile browsers, figure a half a unit to load each page of the site. The browser on Tracfones isn't very good. I recommend installing Opera Mini 7 from m. For best results use the version signed by Verisign. You might also like PicoMail from http: I recomend you install PicoMail a free email client that supports Hotmail. What would be a area code to use that would ensure I get that provider? Thanks for the valuable information you provide in this forum.

A couple that still work are , ". I live in which only offers GSM Tracphones. My guys have Tracphones which all have terrible coverage in our home. If I purchase Tracphones with one of the above zip codes for CDMA I assume I would get Verizon coverage , when I order, do you know if I can carry over our current phone numbers which would have area codes? Would appreciate any info you can provide. Yes, you should be able to switch your Tracfone accounts to CDMA phones and keep your current phone numbers as long as their is native Verizon coverage in the number's area codes.

Right now I have Verizon 'post pay' which has no internet-want to switch to ST but keep this phone if I can. If so, how do I do this? Thanks for the quick reply! What about the Verizon pre pay card I see in Walmart? Any suggestions for phones if I end up getting one? You can use your Env 3 on Page Plus which runs on the Verizon network. Some older Verizon prepaid phones will also work. See this Howard Forum's post for more information. Excuse my ignorance, but what does "native Verizon coverage in the number's area code" mean?

I have Verizon coverage on my Straight Talk phone. Would that mean Verizon is available and would probably be the provider for Tracphone or do I need to check with Tracphone to find out who would provide the coverage? Thanks again for your help. In order to activate a CDMA Tracfone in a given area code, Verizon has to offer native not roaming service somewhere in that area code. Area code does have Verizon coverage so you should be OK. Yeswap, I asked about the samsung sG cost to look at email and web pages.

Thank you for the information. I guess I'll just have to use the web for "special occasions"! Since I am not techno-savvy, would you mind explaining the difference between hooking up to hotmail on the web, and, hooking up to the email client PicoMail? On my computer, I use the browser to hook up to my email How do I "install" the picmail client on my tracfone? Will it save me minutes? Is it comparable to a "favorite" site, that I use on my laptop?

Maybe I am expecting too much from Tracfone technology It will probably cost less to use than going to hotmail. Visit www. To install PicoMail go to http: Everything on ordering worked fine. I am now going to activate. When I do, does it ask for my zip code? If it does, should I use my actual zip code which has verizon service or one of the zips you give for Verizon? Use your real zip code, unless you want a phone number in a different one.

NET10 Wireless

Great post! This has been excellent info in my research for a prepaid carrier. Have shared this page with all my friends. I encourage everyone reading this to do the same. I love ST. Had to "upgrade" from my RC phone, when the screen turned white, to my "blackberry wannabe" RC. I drove to Ohio 2 yrs ago. I had no problems with my RC. Thank you for all your informative information. Another place to get fast Straight Talk support is on facebook. I have to agree-this is the most helpful information I have ever found.

The phone was ok, but I couldn't get service at my house. I thought my only option was to switch carriers, get a "better" phone, etc.

Tracfone Review

Lo and behold, I came across your article, and learned that there were a couple of Net 10 phones that use Verizon towers! I got it yesterday, and have had no problems at all talking from inside my house - I consistently have 4 bars. The Proclaim wasn't even listed for my "area" on the Net10 site. You have saved me money and aggravation. The phone will be used mostly in CA at or near the following zip codes: Thanks for all the help you can provide. If you want to do email and use WiFi an Android phone is probably your best bet.

Determine which network best covers the areas you will be in and then look at which plans and phones are available on your preferred network. Here is the page that discusses and shows you coverage maps: It looks like you are around major cities so you will have a variety of options. You want wifi so you will need an android phone. Check the maps for any travel you will do as some carriers are not available in all areas.

You can look at the plans that will fit your budgets here and compare: Hi, I have an unlocked Galaxy 2 from T-Mobile. No, Tracfone SIMs are locked to the phone they come with and won't work in any other phone. It appears Net10 has some new smartphone offerings that aren't covered in the original "how to tell" article. Thanks for your help - it's a major factor in me deciding to switch from an old Verizon candybar to Net10's smartphones. Thanks for the heads up. They are: Where are you seeing it?

656 NET10 Wireless Consumer Reviews and Complaints

However, I couldn't really focus on it well enough to be certain. I could be way off. How much of an issue is this likely to be? I have an LG L75C using straight talk, the phone is supposed be homed with Verison, and works fine at my home in Wisconsin however I recently went to a small town in south central North Dakota it refeused to connect.

Some friends that I was with using Verison phones had no problems. What causes this, and is there anything I can do about it? Possibly you were in a roaming area for Verizon. Postpaid Verizon users get no extra cost roaming but Straight Talk doesn't. It seems to be a great deal, I don't use a cell phone but once in a blue moon, so it does more than I need it to.

I have tried to figure this out my self, but can't pin down correct info, can you call Norway using Tracfone? Would the only way be to buy a international prepaid card to enter extra numbers in to call therefore using both my Tracfone and the international prepaid cards minutes? My 79 yr old mother needs a cheaper cell phone for emergencies and she wants to be able to call my sister in Oslo.

We are in New Mexico. Thanks for your help. Tracfone users can make no extra cost calls to 60 international destinations including Norway. To make an international call on Tracfone; dial the access code: You will be prompted to select your language and dial plus the country code and number. There's more information on the Tracfone site. I am hoping you can tell me which phone and which zip code to use to find another smart phone like this one using the verizon towers from straight talk because when I enter in our local zipcode for arkansas i am not given anyother smart phone options using the verizon network.

I see it listed when I use zip code However this photo of the Zip in its package at a Walmart store shows the Verizon map and the Verizon slogan " Americas largest most reliable network" which is convincing to me. The first days i got it it was preety fast but now is starting to lagg do you think if i switch to tmobile would it be faster and yes my iphone is unlock and jailbroken. All comments must be approved before they will appear. The following types of comments will not be approved: For example, if you need 2 lines with 1 GB of data each, you would select 2 GB of data with the data slider below.

Comment Page: Anonymous December 19, at 8: Anonymous December 31, at EGGY February 24, at 1: Karen February 28, at 5: Yeswap February 28, at 8: Karen February 29, at Yeswap February 29, at 1: Anonymous March 27, at 1: Yeswap March 27, at 1: Chuck June 30, at Amy April 1, at 7: Yeswap April 1, at 1: Yeswap April 1, at 7: Ryan O September 27, at 1: Yeswap September 27, at 2: Anonymous April 27, at 7: Yeswap April 27, at 8: RBBrittain May 1, at K May 3, at Yeswap May 4, at RBBrittain May 1, at 1: Anonymous May 2, at 2: It has a huge 4,mAh battery, which can lead to almost two days' worth of use before you need to charge.

The dual-camera setup of the Mate 10 Pro is also excellent. Android 7. The Moto E4 Plus is our choice of the best cheap cell phone at Walmart. This is a handset that proves that the best budget cell phones don't need to sacrifice too much to keep their prices low. So, you get a nicely designed phone with a fingerprint scanner, plus a huge 5,mAh battery that allows the Moto E4 Plus to run for two entire days between charges.

Sure, it's a little underpowered, and the camera isn't the best — but for the price, the Moto E4 Plus is brilliant value for money from Walmart. The iPhone 8 remains Apple's best-selling iPhone for a reason, and that's why it's our pick for the best Walmart phone with Straight Talk. The 4. However, it still boasts some of the best features that come with those more expensive iPhones — such as wireless charging, a brilliant camera and the powerful A11 Bionic chipset that keeps the handset feeling speedy and responsive. A brilliant phone at Walmart. Quad-core 1. The Motorola Moto E4 is the best prepaid phone at Walmart, delivering exceptional value for money.

It comes loaded with a recent version of Android, has a quad-core processor that enables it to perform well, and includes support for microSD cards — so you can expand the storage capacity up to GB. While this is far from the most powerful cell phone at Walmart, it does an excellent job of providing some of the latest features we've come to expect from modern cells for an excellent price — especially if you buy it with a prepaid offer from Walmart. The Samsung Galaxy S9 isn't quite as brilliant as the larger Galaxy S9 Plus — in the number one slot in our best Walmart phones guide — but it's still a very impressive cell phone, and you can buy it unlocked from Walmart.

That means you can use it with any network you want without being tied to a contract. It comes with a lovely QHD 5.