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If you try to activate your Office or Windows by phone, and you get an error that your product cannot be cativated by phone and have no phone.

Each of the vents has a light that can be used to check for enemies trying to crawl into the office.

Five Nights at Freddy's 2 iPhone

There is also a flashlight available to check the hallway and dark areas of the camera footage. Players can put on a Freddy Fazbear mask to avoid animatronics that are coming closer. The mask strategy however, does not work on all of the enemy characters. The power supply for the vent lights and cameras is unlimited, but the flashlight power is limited and if it runs out players become vulnerable to attacks which are not visible to them. It is therefore essential that the player is able to manage their flashlight power efficiently. Another new feature to the game fnaf 2 download free is a music box that players have to keep wound all night because if, at any point, the music stops playing, a specific enemy will come to attack.

This requires continuous attention to the background music during the game, causing increased tension and of course funner gameplay! The sequel also has a different option rather than just a game over screen when players die.

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There are four low resolution mini games that pop up and players are given instructions at the beginning of each one. The premise of Five Nights at Freddy's - a port of a popular PC game - is that you take a temporary job as an unsuspecting security guard at a pizza restaurant chain and must make it through the night shift without getting your face eaten. It's home to an animatronic band of furry creatures who turn evil at closing time, and like to roam around looking to eat people's brains before forcing them into a costume. It's a long way from Ronald McDonald and the Hamburglar that's for sure.

When you start the game, you'll get very little information or instructions, other than a haunting recorded message from an ex-employee of Freddy's about the dangers of the job.

Five Nights at Freddy's for iPhone - Download

You sit in your office monitoring 11 security cameras that are trained on various parts of the restaurant. You need to watch out for signs of movement from any of the four animatronic characters that are apparently turned off at first. If you spot one of the eerie looking critters moving about you might want to turn one of the office light s on to check if they are on their way to munch your eyes out.

If one is at the door, then press the button to slam it shut as soon as you can. Checking cameras, turning on lights, and closing doors all drains electrical power , of which you only have a finite amount. You start the night at 12AM and must make it through to 6AM without draining the power beyond zero percent - or allowing one of the costumed creatures into the office. Each night lasts about eight to nine minutes in real time.

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The first night of Five Nights at Freddy's seems easy enough, and you won't spot a lot of movement from the characters - although when you do it's very creepy to watch. For some of the characters, you'll be able to work out patterns and rules for how they will act. However, Freddy - who is stored behind a curtain away from the rest - is a law unto himself and it's seemingly impossible to predict what he'll do. Don't be scared of the dark.

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  • The trick to succeeding in Five Nights at Freddy's is not to keep turning on lights and cameras, and slamming doors shut out of fear. A lot of the time you'll need to just sit tight to conserve power, which adds to the fear factor, since you feel vulnerable to attack.

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    Page information:. Play Five nights at Freddy's 2 app! Download it right now! You will surely enjoy its exciting gameplay because this is one of the best games. One of the best ways of iOS app marketing is a creating a cool game video review.